14 02 2008

Let me preface this blog with saying that I had a great Valentine’s Day. Jon took me to Dante’s Down the Hatch. He gave me a flower. We had fondue and some great conversation. His parents even gave me a card so that was awesome. And he’s got more stuff planned for us on Saturday that I’m really looking forward to.

So this blog has absolutely nothing to do with him.

But I realized today that I think Valentine’s Day itself is highly overrated. Call it my cynicism. Call it my knack for disliking the very things that everyone else on the planet seems to love. But Valentine’s Day has got to be one of the most pretentious holidays ever. That’s right, Ba Hum Bug. The funny part about is that I’ve never had a real Valentine before. But I’ve never been one of those girls to go squealing and moping around the house because I didn’t have anybody to bring me flowers either. I guess as I looked around at people all day today it seemed like I saw so many women getting all dolled up waiting for somebody to tell them the L-word. Or just wanting somebody to make them feel important. The restaurant was super crowded with people and with men who looked like they were dragged out of the house against their will. On top of all that I tried to get Jon a card and all the cards at CVS sucked because none of them seemed genuine. None of them came close to expressing how I feel, so I had to find my own alternative. I’m so glad that I found someone who doesn’t limit his love and affection toward me to this one day.

I might really feel this way. Or maybe I’m just reacting to having an overall crappy day today that had nothing to do with V-Day. Today was my first Valentines Day experience and it was great. But next year I don’t think I want to celebrate this holiday–at least not in the traditional way. I’d much rather have the hugs and kisses all throughout the year.




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15 02 2008

I just had a similar conversation with a friend today! It is overrated.

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