25 02 2008

So I woke up this morning and I had the weirdest feeling. I actually missed the north. I miss New York. I miss the dirty, smelly subway and Morningside Drive. I miss grilled hot dogs for 50 cents at Papaya King. I miss  driving across the George Washington Bridge. I miss walking up and down the steps to the School of the Arts at Columbia University, and I miss having lunch at the West End Cafe in between classes. I miss my friend Loria and how we used to have patatas bravas at that cool Latin restaurant on Broadway. I miss going to film festivals at the Loews on 34th St. and having to walk from Penn Station and past all the Madison Square Garden traffic. I miss going to exclusive industry film screenings and feeling important because I was on "the list." I miss being just one of the droves of people who walk everywhere in New York. And I miss driving amidst the crazy NY taxis. I miss Harlem. I miss Times Square. I miss Union Square. I miss Houston St. and the pizza place I used to always go to for lunch. I am jonesing for New York real bad right now.

What’s even more weird was that this morning I even missed New Jersey. Whoa. I miss the ShopRite on Centennial. I miss driving down Stelton Rd. I miss North Stelton and Stelton Pizza. I miss Abundant Life Church. I miss the feeling of hearing the sounds of praise while walking up the stairs into the sanctuary. I miss being in a place where every hand was lifted up in a wild, expressive praise to God. I miss the sound of the praise and worship team and the flowy white dresses that the Judah dance team used to wear.

I miss D.C. too. I miss my old apartment. I miss my old church. I miss my friends. I miss the Metro. I miss Aunt Bessie’s condo…

I have no intention of going back to these places. I’m old enough to know that even if I did, things would never be the same. I don’t regret my decision to move on and to grow. It’s just nice every now and then to go back and remember the good old days. The days that in retrospect seemed so perfect, but the reality is that they were never perfect. Even still, I’d love to go back and visit one day and just for a moment relive all things good…




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