My Mind

27 02 2008

So I’ve been complaining lately that I haven’t been as productive the past couple months as I’d like to be. I have too many things on my brain, which makes me feel overwhelmed, which makes me lose focus, therefore becoming unproductive. So my friend Donna challenged me to to draw a mental mind map so that I could physically see what’s going on in there. So I did. And this is what it looks like:

100_0607 100_0610

That little space in the picture on the right represents the only free space I have in my brain right now. I have way too many things going on in there. It’s like a computer trying to run too many programs at once. So forgive me if my blogs don’t come as frequently as usual as I try to defragment my parts so that all systems are running smoothly again…




One response

28 02 2008

Good morning-
I can relate some days to the brain overload. By the way what are the compartments you have going on there??

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