Hair Scare!!!

28 02 2008

Ok so last week I tried Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter to twist my hair. It came out great! My hair had lots of sheen. And the style lasted for a long time, unlike most products I’ve used in the past. My twists stayed intact for a good week or so. Everything was all good—

That is until I realized that the stuff would not wash out.

By the end of the day today my hair was looking like this and it felt like hard gum. I’m not sure if you can see it in the picture but I had white clumps all up in my hair and it was all matted together. My roommate Khalilah said I looked like a crackhead.

I found some message boards that said washing the hair with dish washing liquid would help the problem. I just finished trying that. It seems to have helped some, but my hair still feels a bit sticky.

You may be wondering why I was using Loc Butter in the 100_0628_2first place when I never intended to put dreadlocks in my hair. Well, usually when I twist my hair I use Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel or Wax. It doesn’t last as long but it washes right out. But not CD Loc
Butter. I found out after the fact that one of it’s main ingredients is beeswax, the number one product that most people on the message boards were saying to NOT put in your hair because it’s almost impossible wash out. So much for trying new things. From now on I’ll just stick with what I know. In the meantime, anybody out there
have any other remedies for cleaning beeswax/loc butter out of the hair???…..




3 responses

28 02 2008

What in the world??? I am so glad I didn’t have that experience. I might be bald from the frustration.. Just buzz it all right off and start again.. You are so patient when it comes to hair and trying to make it look good or even doing it for that matter.. KUDOS!! Good Luck, let me know how you turn out!!

28 02 2008

Did you try Dawn? Which is said to have a grease cutting formula….

28 02 2008

No, it was some bootleg storebrand kind.

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