I Love Atlanta But…

3 03 2008

…This great city o’ mine is really lacking in a couple of areas as it relates to food.

1) No Pizza For You. For one thing, there are no pizza joints here in Atlanta. Sure there are pizza restaurants. But there are no pizzerias like in NY where you walk up to the counter and a bald Italian guy grunts "What can I get ya?" (if he even says that much). A pizzeria that sells italian ices, zeppoles, and grape and fruit punch flavored fountain drinks and one that only has a handful of hard-behind, scratched up booths. The pizza is so cheesy that it is likely to slide completely off if you don’t catch it.

2) Weiners. Second, there are no hot dog stands here. Even though the days of a good hot dog stand in NYC that don’t make you hurl your insides are long gone, I regret the fact that Atlanta does not have them. There are no  pretzel and shishkabob vendors on the street either. I went to see the Alvin Ailey dancers at the Fox today. it would have been nice to buy some food on the street afterewards.

3) Southern Cooking. I don’t know about you but when I think about southern cooking I think fried chicken, mac & cheese, ribs, collard greens, cornbread and the like. But since I’ve been here in Atlanta I’ve come across too many fancy restaurants that call their menu Southern Cooking. Here’s a rule of thumb: nytime hummus is included in your menu, it’s probably not real southern cooking. 

4) SOFT SERVE, Please! After Bertha and I went to see Alvin Ailey, Sadie had a craving for some soft serve ice cream. Apparently people here in the ATL do no know what soft serve ice cream is. We went to Bruester’s and when Sadie asked the guy if they sold soft serve his response was "It will be when it first comes out." ????????????? She had no idea what he was talking about. She ordered it  anyway and watched as he went to the back of the store and filled a big white bucket with soft serve vanilla ice cream. Then brought it out to the front and scooped it out of the bucket and into Sadie’s cone.  Um, last time I checked soft serve flows directly from the machine into your cone and it forms a big swirl. Last time I checked you don’t scoop soft serve ice cream…

Am I asking too much? Is that a northern thing? Does anybody know where to get some real soft serve around here?




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3 03 2008

Hey Avril.
As usual I love the blog. You are so right about the restaurants trying to pass as southern cooking. What you need to do is go to the hood and find a little whole in the wall restaurant. That’s where the real southern “cuisine” is. Those other restaurants are catering to northern businessmen. As for the soft serve, we have places in Memphis. I don’t know about Atlanta. It’s just some things you must do without when you move to a different region of the country! Take care.

4 03 2008

You know that this is my lifes journey in the A.T.L.
I guess that is why I am with Weight Watchers now!! (smile)
I will not give up!!

5 04 2008

Okay I’m SERIOUSLY with you on this topic. When I first got here, I went to EVERY pizza place between Riverdale and Fairburn (the area I lived in) and they didn’t even know what a Stromboli was…. I was like ARE THEY FOR REAL???? How they call themselves I’talian (you like that) and not even know what a stromboli is…so you know they didn’t have it.
And the convenience of little Portuguese spots that you can just go in and get some BBQ (with some rice and fries, or some garlic shrimp…Ohh I’m getting home sick just thinking about it)… no White Castles…Krystals is NO comparison…yuck, bluuuuhhh….. The Chinese Places here aren’t even real chinese places. Oh and yes the soul food is not soul food and everybody only has mustard greens what’s that about…Where’s the collards???? I’m sorry I’ve gone off on a tangent and created my own blog on your page LOL. But yeah, the South leaves a lot to be desired in the food department…fast food???…. a whole nother story. A HOT MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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