I’m Baaaack!!! – The Hair Scare is Over!!

20 03 2008


It’s been a whole month since I’ve had my hair twisted. As much as I tried and tried I just couldn’t seem to wash that Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter out of my hair. I tried the dish washing liquid and that seemed to work, only to find a week later that I still had product buildup under my fingernails when I tried to wash my hair. A friend of mine, Courtney Wright, who is very knowledgeable about natural hair care, suggested that I saturate my hair with a creamy conditioner, sit under a dryer with a plastic cap, then comb my hair out under warm water. I then put baking soda on my hair (yes, baking soda), washed it and conditioned it as usual and that did the trick! Voila! My hair is back to normal. And it has never felt so fresh and conditioned. I was able to twist it with no problems with my old faithful Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel and it’s got its old sheen back. And it smells good too! I didn’t give up totally on Carol’s Daughter though. I still used the Herbal Sea Moss Shampoo and the Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner because I like the way they both clean and I like the way they smell. 🙂

I feel like the old me is back again….




2 responses

21 03 2008

Yay! I’m glad it worked; I knew it would. WHO IN THE WORLD SUGGESTED DISHWASHING LIQUID????!!!!??? It has a strong enough detergent in it to clarify, but I would NEVER take that chance with my or anyone else’s hair.
I wouldn’t blame Carol’s Daughter exclusively, though. I think it would be safe to safe that you should avoid products with a beeswax/butter (cocoa, or shea) mix…obviously does not agree with your hair type.
PS – Thanks for the shout out!!! Nice blog…

22 03 2008

Girl, who knows? It was on one of them message boards. Hehehe

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