18 04 2008

So I’ve been festival’in it up this week. I went to the Atlanta Film Festival on Saturday and then again on Tuesday. The Experimental Shorts on Saturday were great. The Rapid i-Movement shorts on Tuesday–not so hot-so. But aw well. There were some that were very original and innovative. But overall I wasn’t very inspired, other than the fact that it motivated me to get off my butt and start making more films again. If they can submit that stuff then  so can I.

I talked to Jon after Tuesday’s screenings and it looks like we’re going to be working together on a short. i’m looking forward to it because I like the script and because I’m hoping that we will work well together.

Then Wednesday and today was the Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival. Sophisticated played there today. It was a pretty good crowd. I love doing the Q&As but all the other stuff to me is dreadul. Today was my mom’s birthday. We went to Benihana. That was my first time going there and it was so good!!!

I am extremely tired right now so I am going to turn in and I guess I’ll see what kind of mood I’m in next Tues.




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