Birthday Recap

23 04 2008

So yesterday was my birthday. It was a day that started and ended very sobering, with some good stuff in between. It started off at the doctor’s office. I had an early follow-up appointment with my OB/GYN to get the results of the ultrasound I had a couple weeks ago to check for fibroids. Well, the good news is I don’t have fibroids. But apparently my poor diet and lack of exercise is to blame for my excruciating cramps during a certain time of the month. I tell you, every year is a new reminder that I’m no spring chicken. I read a quote in the doctor’s office that said something like if you don’t have time to take care of your body, eventually it’ll catch up to you and you’ll have to take time for illness. How true. So I’ve got to come up with a plan to whip this ever-aging body back into shape…

I left the office to find a message from my mom singing her own version of the Happy Birthday song. I love when people sing Happy Birthday to me, especially when they create their own renditions, so that was nice.

When I got to work I had flowers from Jon. And then my co-workers did the sweetest thing for me. They know how much I like pound cake so one of the ladies made me a pound cake, put it in a pretty cake box and wrote Happy Birthday on it. And she knows how much I like Fun Dip so she got two giant Pixy Stix (she couldn’t find Fun Dip so it was the next best thing) and stuck them into the box. Everyone got me a card and signed it. It was the cutest thing! I just kept staring at it all day. Maybe I’ll take a picture of it when I get back to work.

When I walked into my History International Cinema class they all sang Happy Birthday to me–both the traditional version and the Stevie Wonder version, so I got a kick out of that. Then after my night class, I got a call from my niece and nephew in Texas and they sang Happy Birthday. Did I say how much I love it when people sing Happy Birthday to me? 🙂

I got lots of texts, emails, e-cards, Facebook and Myspace greetings from friends and family, some of which I didn’t even expect so that was wonderful. I must admit though, I was a bit disappointed that no one took me out last night. I don’t know, I guess I’m just a sucka for quality time spent with the people I love. And I know I’ll celebrate hard on Saturday, but there’s nothing like celebrating on your actual birthday too. I guess everyone assumed I would be out with Jon. But I wasn’t. Instead I came home last night and made tuna fish and proofread a midterm exam. 😦




One response

25 04 2008

Yeah, my birthday was kind of a big dud, too. The class all sang Happy Birthday to me in the morning which was fun. But most of my close friends were in cinematography all day and i was off. I told them not to worry about celebrating that night, that we’d go out on the weekend. But then over the weekend I decided to PA on a show and ended up canceling. Oh well. There’s always next year, Lord willing!

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