Happy Hunting

25 04 2008

So me and Khalilah are now making preps to move out of my crowded, stuffy apartment into someplace that’s nice, spacious and affordable. Today was our first day of apartment hunting. We actually found a place that we REALLY like. It’s a complex called Calibre Woods and they’ve got free yoga classes, tennis lessons, water aerobics, and cooking classes to all their residents. But they had me sold when they said they have a free personal trainer on staff in the on-site fitness center. All of that and the price of rent is affordable and within our price range. We’re going to go look at a couple of other places but I think we’re both sold on Calibre Woods.

Tomorrow I’m going with Jon to help him find an apartment as well. He’ll be starting his new job in a couple of weeks and needs a place that’s closer to work and closer to the city. Apparently he said he found something in Duluth for $450/mo. Umm…sounds a little shady to me. So we’re gonna go take a look at it tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll find something suitable where I won’t have to wear a bullet-proof vest everytime I go visit him…




2 responses

27 04 2008
Jon Carr

Just for the record it turned out that the place was not shady at all and that I had found a metaphorical gem of an apartment. Granted I am not moving there but it should be noted that I was right and Avril was wrong.

28 04 2008

Duly noted, Jon. Duly noted. They do have some nice apts. in Duluth and often run great specials. But the apt. Avril and Khalilah found sounds INCREDIBLE! And good location as well.

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