What’s the Latest?

1 05 2008

What’s up Convergence readers! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet this week. I’m on deadline again with editing the Faithfully Divided documentary. The story is coming along quite nicely. It’s even better know that there’ve been some rewrites to the script. So I’m really excited about the whole thing.

I’ve had some fun, interesting things happen to me this week, especially over the weekend. But I’ll have to share those with you when things settle down a bit. Maybe Friday. And I’ve got pictures too! Pictures of me partying like a rockstar at my karaoke party! 🙂

Anywho, I will share one event with you all. The past couple of days I’ve witnessed one of the perks to having a great boyfriend. I’ve been trying to renew my car registration (yes, I’m a bit late) but of course my car failed the emissions test because its internal computer needed to be reset. My usual mechanic would only be available in the afternoon but I had class afternoon so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. But Jon came to the rescue and took my car to the shop for me. They still couldn’t fix it yesterday so he even came back today and took the car back to the shop to get it fixed while I was at work. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone do that for me before (other than my dad) so that was pretty awesome…

More news and adventures of Convergence coming soon……..




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