16 05 2008

FINALLY! I got my tags renewed! It took a little bit of frustration with the mechanic. My inner Shaquita came out a little bit because his machine kept saying it couldn’t read the codes on my car and that I had to keep driving some more. I’ve already driven over 300 miles in the past week just in attempts to get the thing to read. I ended up snatching my keys and peeling out of the parking lot. Yeah, real adult and Christian-like…

I ended up going to the Hyundai dealer and they re-did my emissions test without a hitch and I passed. Yeah! I went right over to the vehicle registration place and got my tags renewed. Today was one of those days when I wish I had Twitter pics because I love the fact that the Dekalb office has church pews for seats. I would have liked to take a picture of that.

Anywho, on my way home I had a taste for some fish so I stopped at Yasim’s on Memorial Dr. for some fried whiting. Yasim’s is one of those places you only find in the ‘hood, where the cashier has a major ‘tude just because you walked in the door.  She gets even more of an attitude if you change your order as her ten foot nails clink the register keys and she smacks wildly on her gum. The food comes in a greasy, brown paper bag but it is oh so good! I came home and made some grits to go with the fish–now that was some good eating!

One of my co-workers once called me "Bourghetto," because I’m part bourgeois and part ghetto. I’ll take that. I like nice things but I still have a bucket of used grease sitting in the middle of my stove (only now it’s not a coffee can, it’s a cup). When I move to Buckhead next month I’ll be right down the street from the governor’s mansion. But I still have to find out where is the nearest ‘hood so that hopefully there’s another Yasim’s around there. I must stay true to my name…or as they say, I gotta keep it real…




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