Free “Sex and the City”

30 05 2008

What an awesome night I just had! This morning I was in my car thinking about how badly I wanted to go see the new "Sex and the City" movie. When could I go? Who could I go see it with? Then the grand announcement came over the radio–Star 94.1 was giving away chances to win tickets to tonight's midnight screening in Tucker. Me and Khalilah were one of the first people at the movie theater as early as 9:30. We had to answer Sex and the City trivia in order to get tickets and I got three of the questions right so we got to see the very first showing of the movie for FREE! And can I just say, the movie was FREAKING AWESOME!!!! FANTABULOUS!! I'd even go see it again. Go grab a bunch of your girlfriends–heck, even grab your boyfriend 'cuz I think there's something in it for him too–and go see this movie!




One response

30 05 2008

Aww! That’s so fun!! I just thought about you and that movie this morning. And how fun to get in for free! 🙂

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