Sisters With SUVs — BEWARE!!!

1 06 2008

100_0872Today I got into an accident in my sister's driveway. Yep, that's right. She backed into me as she, Chase, and I were in her Chevy Blazer heading over to my parents' house. The thing about it is she had JUST told me to move my car over to the other side of her driveway so she wouldn't hit it so I thought it would have been fresh in her mind that my Little Green Bean was over there. But noooo. And what gets me is that after the fact she asks me "Why didn't you say something?" I'm sorry. I didn't know it was my job to look out of your rearview mirror while you're driving. My bad, sis.

But what makes it so bad is that this is the SECOND time my car has been hit



BY MY SISTER (only the last time it was my other sister from Texas driving her brand new mini-van)

I can't be too mad at my sister, though. I know it was an accident. I think I'm just more upset about the situation because my passenger side door won't open and now I have to go spend time getting an estimate on Monday when I really hadn't anticipated that and I still have to finish my grades before Tuesday.

What's the deal? Every accident that I've ever been in, my car has been parked or sitting at a stop sign. I'm always either just sitting there minding my business or not even in the car at all and someone just smashes into me. Well, I guess maybe I should consider that a blessing sort of, you know? Like a blessing that I wasn't in the car and didn't get hurt. So thanks, God.

But in the meantime, I'm never going to my sister's house again…at least not for some time. I now have a phobia of my sisters and their big cars…




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1 06 2008

sorry my sister!!

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