A Hard Knock Life?

11 06 2008

A few weeks ago I was in the green room at Buckhead Church, waiting for service to start when Carlos from Ragamuffin Soul sat at my table and asked me "How are you doing? Are you enjoying life?" "I'm ok," I replied. "I've just got a lot going on." He asked me to explain and I went on an on about how I'm editing a documentary and trying to find a place to live and…well, that was about it. When I finished with our conversation I couldn't help but beat myself up. Why do I have this tendency to make my life seem more miserable than it really is?

I've talked to other people who do this as well. It's like we have better association with pain or suffering or unhappiness than we do with happiness and/or contentment. When at work and co-workers ask "How are you doing?" the response is often "Girl, I'm so tired…" or "This place is getting on my nerves." or "People round here are so crazy." How often do you hear someone say "Life is great. I can't complain."

I think as a society the only way we feel like we can identify with people is if their life is miserable. Like I once heard someone say that women bond and form friendships over gossip. A part of me thinks that this may be true. I know that there have been many times at the office where my friendships were birthed out of the latest "dish the dirt" sessions around the water cooler. I think the same thing goes for other people, not just women. Especially in the workplace. Co-workers become friends when they can moan together about how much their job sucks.

The thing about it is, my life is not rough. Life is actually good. I actually like my job (not that it's without problems, but overall I
like it), I'm still making movies, I've got a great boyfriend, I'm getting ready to move into a
nice new apartment. What do I really have to complain about? Especially knowing that just a few years ago I was a struggling freelance videographer chasing checks to pay my bills? And what would happen if when someone asked me how I'm doing, I responded with "Life is great. I can't complain." Well, I'm sure that in some places I might lose some acquaintances. But who knows, I might just gain a fresh perspective that allows me to be free and content in the blessing called My Life.




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11 06 2008

So true. I talked with my dad last week and he reminded me that I’m supposed to be the light at work. I’m supposed to care for my co-workers as Christ would. Yes that is a tall order. However, if I can keep that mindset all the little annoyances don’t bug me as much. I’ve been asking my co-workers what I can pray for them and I think it’s making a difference.

11 06 2008

I am totally guilty of that! Thanks for pointing it out. I need to adjust that too.

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