A Courageous Shoot + SATC–The Second Draft

14 06 2008

Today was a busy day. It started off early with going to shoot a video for Pastor Shaun King and The Courageous Church. It was quite an adventure. We started off shooting in The Bluff, which is a pretty rough area of town. But that wasn't nearly as scary as trying to shoot around the heavy security down at Atlantic Station. At one point one of the security guards threatened to take my camera away. But come to find out he was only joking. But the effects of his joke left me trembling for the rest of the shoot. But hopefully everything will cut together well in the end, which I'm sure it will.

There was lots of activity down at Atlantic Station today due to the opening of H&M. The line was literally around the block. I love to shop and I love H&M but that was a bit much. I couldn't bring myself to get on that line just to go to a store. I'll catch 'em in a couple of weeks.

The day ended with a trip with the girls from small group to go see Sex and the City. Yes, I went to see it again, and it was actually just as fabulous (er, uh–sorry Angela) — I mean great — as it was the first time I saw it. It's weird, but despite the fashion and labels obsession, I think I identify with these four women more than I've ever identified with any women on television. That might be stretching it just a little bit, but that's how I feel whenever I watch the movie, and that's what kept me watching the series. I wish I could go into more detail about what I got out of the movie the second time but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. But I will say one thing I love about the movie is how it captures the loving friendship of these four women who are there for each other NO MATTER WHAT. I also love the fact that the show as well as the movie deal with the fact that the idea of today's woman has changed since back in the day. Many of us are independent, driven, and goal oriented on our own–and it's interesting to see how that affects our interactions and relationships with men. And it really makes you think — to what extent can you balance between staying true to yourself and having to accomodate another human being? It's an interesting thought to consider, and that's another point they address in the movie. Hmm…I may have to write more about that later…..




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14 06 2008

Ha! Ha! Thanks! No, I read this novel a couple months ago “The Debutante Divorcee” which was a fun, fluffy read about Manhattan socialites. At the same time I was visiting Women on the Web a lot as they followed Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They just beat those words “fabulous” and “divine” into the pavement for me. Uggh.

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