Movin’ On Up!

22 06 2008

Well it feels like it's been ages since I last blogged…well, really it has been awhile…but this time not because I was a slacker. It was because I've been moving boxes furniture all week and so I didn't really have full access to my computer until this weekend.

Me and Khalilah finally moved! Yippee!! It was a tough move. We officially got our keys to the new apartment last Sunday so we've been slowly moving all of my stuff out of the the old apartment all week. On top of that I've had people come by to buy my old furniture so I've been moving furniture all week as well. Who knew I had so much stuff! It's funny how you can accumulate so much crap after the course of 3 years. I'm going to try and start consolidating my life so that next time I move there won't be so much random crap–yeah right.

Anywho, the big move was on Friday. Me and Khalilah tried to let the guys handle that as much as possible because we were so tired from moving the bulk of my stuff throughout the week. It didn't take them long at all. But now everything is pretty much in our new place. I still have to go back and clean up the old apartment though.

The new place is fabulous! It's definitely an upgrade. Right now I am sitting in my office typing this–yes, I have an office now…it's so great. Well, actually it's a sunroom that we've made into an office but it's still great. 🙂 We've got two bedrooms and two baths so we no longer have to wait for the bathroom. We've got a living room, a dining room and a really nice and big kitchen. I can't wait to cook some great meals in there! Last Sunday when we got our keys we came in and painted all the rooms to give the place some flair and I think it worked. It looks like two artists live here! To give you a sneak peek, here's a picture of our kitchen…

Yep! We've got red hot walls! And it's great! Just a taste of what's to come…I'll post more pictures once we get a little more settled.

Between the painting and the moving, I've been so sore all week I thought my body was going to break up into little pieces. But now I think I'm slowly starting to feel a little bit normal again…if I ever was normal…




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