It Pays to Be Honest

14 07 2008

Yesterday was a good day. I did production at church yesterday morning and it was my first time actually running the switcher during the service. I’ve been in training for quite some time now but they finally let me run rehearsal and then they went ahead and let me do both services. That was a treat because I didn’t expect that. It was a lot of fun and not nearly as scary as I had been making it out to be!

Jon and I went back to church that evening for the 6:00 service. Andy just started a new series called “Letters to the Next President.” He’s talking about principles that government leaders should live by, and it’s a very timely message, especially during this political season. After church Jon and I went to Pero’s for some pizza and to talk. Pray for us, ya’ll. We’ve been having some challenges in the area of communication lately. But it’s ok. One of the things that I love about Jon is that if I’m having a problem at least he’s always willing to listen to me bark and complain. Well yesterday I got to hear him talk about some problems he was having in our relationship. It feels so good to be able to be honest and share how we feel. And I believe problems in communication always result in better understanding–as long as both parties are honest and verbalize them and are willing to work at fixing the problems. People always say that in relationships it’s not until you get to that 6th month that you really start to see people for who they are. I think that is so true. It’s like by that time the honeymoon is over and then you have to deal with the real issues. But they also say that if you can survive that 6 month – 1 year period then you’re good to go. I think Jon and I will survive, but it’s going to take lots of prayer, honesty and hard work from both of us. Whew! Who knew relationships could be so hard?! But after we talked and straightened everything out I realized how much worth it it really is.

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from people on my post from yesterday. It’s good to know that I am not the only one who feels the way I do. I actually took yesterday’s post and actually voiced all of those concerns to God. How refreshing it is to know that we can still come to God, even with those kinds of questions! Just verbalizing my feelings on this blog and to God gave me such a feeling of peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. It also refueled my desire to continue to seek God, even though I may not get all the answers immediately. As I sat in worship last night, I felt such a comfort in knowing that God loves me. Regardless of my questions and my doubts, regardless of my faults, regardless of when I don’t get it right.

Just goes to show that HONESTY is ALWAYS the best policy. BE REAL–with yourself, with relationships and most importantly with God.




2 responses

14 07 2008

Guess who ran Playback at last night’s service? I did! It was a lot fun. I was in training so I didn’t do all of it but I controlled all the tubes. It was a lot of fun being in the control room.

14 07 2008

Wow! You got to run the tubes? Now THAT’s AWESOME! It’s always cool to see how those services come together behind the scenes, don’t you think?

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