Food, Glorious Food!

17 07 2008

Did I mention that I love to cook? I don’t know how this happened but for the past 3 years or so I’ve developed this love for cooking where it brings me great joy to cook and then to see people eat my food and enjoy it. My love for cooking has intensified now that we’ve moved because I’ve got a much more functional kitchen that has lots of great space.

I was so proud of myself because this morning I actually got up and made fresh, homemade biscuits from scratch. It’s been a long time since I made biscuits and the last time I did it it was with my mom so this was my first time doing it by myself. To go with the biscuits I made a mexican chicken scramble with lemon pepper chicken, eggs, cheese and salsa. It tasted just like IHOP’s chicken fajita omelette. YUM!!


Yesterday I made Hawaiian chicken and that was YUM too!



Over the weekend it was homemade pancakes topped with fresh blueberries. I was particularly proud of myself on this meal because my eggs are becoming more and more like my dad’s everyday. (My dad could always throw down on some breakfast!)

This is yet another reason why Sadie and Bertha get along so well. I like to cook and we both like to eat! 🙂




3 responses

17 07 2008

Yummy Yummy-
When Chase and I come to visit we are coming hungry. So hook it up!!

17 07 2008
Todd Cullop

Hi Avril,
I’m really wanting some of those biscuits this morning! I feel the same way about cooking–i love doing it–especially experimenting with stuff; then watching people enjoy it.
thanks for your email; always great to make a new friend! Have a great day,

9 08 2008

Okay, give me the recipe for the homemade biscuits.
Your other sis.

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