It’s Hard

20 07 2008

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine who’s father is very ill. It’s really hard to provide encouragement to people when you have no answers yourself. It feels hard to pray for someone when all you can do is ask questions. I don’t know why these things happen. But as I listened to myself having a conversation with her and trying to offer up what encouragement I could, I think I realized one of the truths to being a Christian. Believing in God doesn’t mean that you have all the answers. It just means that you have this comfort in knowing that there is a power that can help you get through it all. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the power is going to fix it or make it turn out the way you want it to. But the power will help you get through.

I think a lot of times Christians try to prove that they know everything or prove that they’re “right,” or that they’re better than others. But one of the main things is just to be honest about where you are. Own it. If you’re mad at God, own it. If you’re just ok, own it. If you’re speechless, own it. It’s hard trying to be the “perfect little Christian.” The one who always knows what to say. The one who never cheats. The one who never curses, never drinks, never lies. 

Sometimes…it just is what it is.

The most important point, though, is that regardless of where you are that Power will still accept you just the same.




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