Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

26 07 2008

I made it through the first week of school and the last week of the teen program at Harvest Rain. Glad the teen workshop is over. Glad school is starting back up. I missed my students. I actually had good classes all week, but 2 bad faculty meetings. Why must people always make it a point to complain and be upset about EVERYTHING??? I’m so over it.

I’m sad because it seems like me and Jon don’t get to hang out as much as we used to. Not sure if it’s because I moved or because of our schedules or what, but it makes me sad. 😦

Today is one of those days where I have nothing planned. I love days like this. My sister might come over a little later and Jon might come over later too. But he’ll probably leave to go to Dad’s Garage at some point. So that’s it. I’m getting ready to make some breakfast, turn up my music and just chill for the day.

I can’t really go anywhere ‘cuz I’m so broke it ain’t no joke…I still haven’t gotten my security deposit from Briarcliff Pines. I thought that would’ve come by now. I did get a raise at work but it was pretty sorry. Aw well, dem’s the breaks.




4 responses

26 07 2008

I wish I were in town. I’d totally come over. Did you do the 48 Hour this year?

26 07 2008

No, we didn’t do 48 this year because it came the same week that we were moving. We would have been just too exhausted!

26 07 2008

I wish you were in town too! 😦

27 07 2008

Name this tune…I’m so glad we had this time together. Just to have a laugh or sing a song….
-I totally enjoyed our visit yesterday. Just chillin’.
Luv ya

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