My Kind of Summer

28 07 2008

I’ve been so busy editing and moving and all that I haven’t really had a chance to enjoy the summer. But today was a perfect summertime fun day! It started at 5:30 this morning when I had to run the switcher at Buckhead Church. This was my first time running it all by myself and it was a blast! Service was awesome because it started out with this group called The Return who are Beatles impersonators. They looked and sounded just like them! But what was really cool about it was that it started off with a clip from the original Ed Sullivan Show with him introducing the band when they were first on his show. And then as soon as he said “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome The Beatles!” we transitioned into the live video of The Return singing “Revolution.” Tim had a great idea of putting a black and white effect on the video so that the live video feed would match the old school vibe of the Ed Sullivan show–and it did! I was amped because that was a special effect that he sprung on me at the last minute so we didn’t have time to rehearse it. But I pulled it off! I wish I had pictures because everything looked great. What I heard of Andy’s message sounded great too! I got the CDs so I’ll have to listen to the whole thing in my car.

  When I got home, Jon came over and we went swimming! This was my first time visiting the pool at my new apartment complex and it was great! We stayed out there for awhile until we both turned into prunes. Then we came inside and I made hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries. I was especially excited about this because I made some food that Jon actually liked! He’s so picky when it comes to food, I just never can tell what he’s going to like. I made onion burgers, ranch burgers, and italian 100_0977burgers and they were soooo good!! I also grilled the hot dogs with some onions. I also made fresh, homemade french fries and fresh iced tea too. Everything was DELISH!! We were both so full all we could do was lay down. After he left I took a nice long nap.

It was a great day. Very relaxing. Now that’s my kind of summer. Hopefully I’ll get in some more days like that before the summer ends.




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