The Tragedy Called Life

4 08 2008

I had a great weekend. Started off Saturday with an AMAZING meeting/fellowship with Tony Marchetti. If you don’t know Tony he’s a fellow Buckhead’er and he has this event every couple months or so called Coffee House Expressions. It’s an environment for people to just come and hang out and hear some good music. I’ve been helping him produce the event, just kinda being a point person and helping to flesh out the big picture for the night.

Anywho, we usually have these meetings before every coffeehouse to debrief and go over things. But usually we spend about 15-20 minutes talking about coffeehouse business and HOURS talking about life. I really enjoy our times together. So Saturday was no different. We got to talking about God and how sometimes it’s hard to understand his ways. And he said something that had a profound impact on me and that I’ve been processing all weekend–even up until now. He said even though we don’t understand, we must know that God sees it all. That since the beginning of time man has done horrendous things, but God has seen it all and He has been chasing man to come back to him ever since the beginning of time. He then said — and this was the kicker, “We live in a tragedy.” Those words were actually a quote he heard Louie Giglio say one night at 7|22 but it had such a profound effect on me. We do live in a horrible tragedy. A world gone wrong. We can try to dress it up all we want but the whole world’s a tragedy. (Isn’t that a quote from a song or a play or something?) People kill innocent children because we live in a tragedy. People lie, cheat and steal because we live in a tragedy. People make bad reality television because we live in a tragedy. I keep watching bad reality television because I live in a tragedy. We all do things we shouldn’t do because we live in a tragedy.

It all sounds very depressing. But that statement brought me a great amount of hope in a weird kind of way because I realized that in the midst of this tragedy, God gives us glimpses of hope. He gives us glimpses of joy through a newborn baby, through the smell of fresh flowers, through a great song, through an A on a test, or whatever those small things are that make us happy, even if it’s only for a moment. The ultimate, greatest hope that we have is that there is something better. That there is a better life that is free from this tragedy. But we will NEVER find the ultimate joy, the ultimate hope, true rescue from the tragedy, anywhere here on this earth. We won’t find it in houses, we won’t find it in cars, we won’t find it in relationships, we won’t find it even in the best job. Because what always happens? We still go through tragedy. We get the good job but our relationships are in turmoil. Or we get the car but there’s problems with the house. True rescue from the tragedy can only be found in Jesus Christ and the promise of a perfect, eternal life with him. Call me crazy, call me naive, I don’t care, but that’s the hope that I believe in. And that brings me a lot of comfort as I go through this life.

Yesterday’s service at Buckhead Church confirmed all of this when Louie Giglio spoke a message called “Home Free, Even Me: Fruitcake and Ice Cream.” Go listen to the message yourself. It will bless you.

We’ve been put here for a certain amount of time to make a difference in someone else’s life. And just because we live in a tragedy doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy life. As a matter of fact, that’s all the more reason for us to live every moment to the fullest because the reality is that there is nothing we can do to fix the tragedy. So in the meantime live. Laugh. Love. Find those glimpses of joy.

Oh, and dance.




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10 09 2008

and eat your best friend’s cooking and drink moscato. amen

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