Amazing World

9 08 2008

Just came back from my parents house. We had a nice time talking about life and watching the Olympics. For those of you that saw the opening ceremonies, wasn't it just AMAZING???? I mean the guy running on air to light the torch just took my breath away.

But as I watched the parade of nations, I couldn't help but be amazed at not only how many people and countries there are in the world, but also how many types, shades, shapes and sizes people are! It's such a beautiful thing. How can the diversity of the human race be explained except by saying that there must be a God? The Olympics seem to be a time where everybody puts aside their differences and just celebrates the nature of sport. I wish we could maintain that kind of harmony after these next 16 days are over.

I can't wait to see all the swimming competitions. Those are my favorite! Even though I myself can't swim a lick, I love watching the diving and the synchronized swimming competitions. How about you? What's your favorite Olympic sport? 




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