8 09 2008

I had an interesting weekend. Jon's birthday was Wednesday, so on Friday we celebrated with me treating him to a movie and dinner. Well, kinda sorta treating him because he wouldn't let me pay. He tried to pay for the movie but I snuck a $20 bill back into his wallet.  I took him to Fire of Brazil and he was really in his element because he's such a meat lover. They just kept bringing meat and more meat. I had a couple pieces and I couldn't take anymore. Yeah, I can't hang with the hard-core carnivores. When the bill came Jon insisted that he pay half, so once again I wasn't able to treat him and take him out like I planned, but the intention was there, so I guess that counts.

By the time Saturday rolled around we had a little spat and were both a bit ticked at each other. My friend Zandrea and her 3 kids stopped by for a visit so I got to hang out with them for a little while. Hats off to her because she is like 7 or 8 months pregnant with twins!


After they left Khalilah and I went grocery shopping. She found out where they keep the Moscato. Please pray for my friend. She's becoming a little bit of a lush (just kidding! 🙂

I went to church today, wondering if I would see Jon there. Just as service was about to start I looked up and I saw him walking down the aisle and I could feel my heart flutter just a little bit. We sat together, after church we talked and now we're cool again. Ahhh…love, I tell ya.

Thanks to The Pioneer Woman Who Cooks, I found this recipe for Chicken Spaghetti while reading my blogs this morning.  It looked so good I HAD to make it tonight, even though the prep time was a little lengthy. So I came home from church and got to work on it. It didn't take as long as it should have because I boiled the chicken before I left for church. We finally got to eat around 10 pm. It was sooooo worth it! Sooooo good!! I made strawberry cupcakes for desert and those were good too! Sorry I don't have pictures of those. They were rather cute too, because I put strawberry banana frosting on them with confetti sprinkles. Yum!


The downside to all this good cookin' was that I burned myself on the inside of the oven. Ouch! Khalilah tried to look up on the internet what you're supposed to do if you're burned but didn't quite get the information. So I put some kind of first-aid ointment on it and wrapped it in a gauge bandage. Anybody else have any remedies for burns?




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8 09 2008


10 09 2008

HA! I cant believe you put that picture there. I look a little too happy in the liquor aisle.

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