Life, Love and My Independent Vote

10 09 2008


So much going on in life. So much going on in the world…

I've been watching election coverage like a mad woman. I think I'm starting to get addicted. It's good to finally hear more of Obama's policy proposals for once. So far what I'm hearing is good. So far on most of the issues that concern me he seems to be talking some good sense. I discovered the other day that I'm really ignorant to the voting process, and especially what it means to be an Independent party voter. I heard on CNN a commercial for what I thought was the Independent National Convention. Well, come to find out, there is no convention. It was just a forum that Lou Dobbs had with independent voters, or people who have no party affiliation and are therefore a little bit less biased when it comes to analyzing and critiquing all candidates. Even though it wasn't a formal convention, they talked about some good stuff on there. So in actuality I think I may already be an independent voter because I never declared a party when I registered to vote.

I had a good day at school today. My students in my Edit 3 class actually did their work and I actually think they understood what was going on and how to put into practice what I had taught them.

Today was also good because I got a chance to have dinner and prayer with Modupe and Frannie. We kinda dropped the ball for a little while with our prayer triad, but it sure was good to see those ladies again! I wish I had a camera with me.

I would write more right now. I'd really like to. But my eyes are getting heavy. I would delete this blog post right now because I'm starting to feel as though it's not making sense. But I've come too far. So I'll just leave it at that.

G'night Convergence Readers!




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