On My Way Back to Bed…

27 09 2008

I went to bed last night at 4 am because I was editing a music video. I have no idea why I am awake right now. I am still very tired. I got up to use the bathroom and then fooled myself into thinking that I could edit a few more minutes. I could feel my eyes getting heavy so I abandoned that thought and instead just fooled myself into thinking I could write a blog, so here goes.

Did anybody watch the debates last night? I guess a better question would be who DIDN'T watch the debates last night. It seems to me that both candidates have a real knack for not answering the question. It was really weird how they wouldn't interact with each other no matter how hard Jim Lehrer tried. At least Obama made an attempt as the debate went through but to no avail. McCain stayed fixed on the floor. I think Obama was very strong and authoritative. Even though Obama has proven to be a powerful orator when it comes to scripted speeches, I was a little concerned about his ability to carry out a debate without losing time by using an inexplicable amount of "Uh-s." I didn't count but he seemed to keep them to a minimum. McCain was very good at tauting his age and experience.

I'm not an expert on foreign policy but it seemed to be a good debate. I would have been interested to actually HEAR their answer to Lehrer's first question (stated about 5 different ways) about what plans they'd be willing to sacrifice in light of the economic crisis. And I don't understand why diplomacy and having talks with countries that would be considered a threat would legitimize them? As if going off and killing them with no information has worked…But anywho, I can't wait for the domestic policy debate. I believe that's the last one. I'm really looking forward to the VP debate next week as well. I'm not sure it's going to be much of a match, though. I think Joe Biden is going to slaughter Sarah Palin. I mean, I know I'm supposed to be all excited about Palin because she's a woman. But everytime I see her she annoys me. First it was because of her smugness (is that a word) displayed at the RNC. But now it's becoming oh-so-clear that she has no idea what she's talking about. Poor woman. Did you see her on the Katie Couric interview? Sad. Very sad. And I'm supposed to feel happy and empowered by this as a woman? I don't think so.

On another note, here's a funny clip of Chris Rock on Letterman the other night. Now that guy's funny.

Ok now, back to bed I go…




3 responses

27 09 2008

Ya know whenever someone tells me they’re gonna “try to do something” I expect that nothing will happen. Remember in Star Wars where Yoda says, “No there is no try, do or do not.” I’ve sought to remove the word try from my vocabulary.
So for Palin to say she’ll, “Try and get some answers and get back to you,” irks me profoundly! What a joke! What if she’s president, facing a crisis and we’re demanding answers? Will we get the same ridiculous answer?

29 09 2008

Avril, I was also very disappointed with the debate. I felt that neither of them answered many of his questions they just spoke around the topics, reminding me why I hate politics. I expect the VP Debate to be more entertaining because they are both loose cannons! lol

30 09 2008

Jam & Aaron–yeah, Thursday’s debate is going to be an interesting one, no doubt. Get your popcorn out!

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