Say It Ain’t Over!

5 10 2008

Only 1 more day and my vacation will be OVER! 😦 So much for vacation, I didn't really get much time to relax. Between grades from last quarter and then syllabi and lesson plans for next quarter, a teacher's job is never done…

Had a great weekend that started on Thursday night with Whirleyball and Laser Tag with the Production Team at Buckhead Church. It was so much fun! We played 3 games of Whirleyball, a game of laser tag, and then my team wanted to play whirleyball again. I should have quit while I was ahead but I obliged and I was so out of it that I ended up with numerous bruises on my legs and a cracked back. Great. But it was a lot of fun and I met some new people so I guess that was the point.

Friday morning I had my first Bible class at BTCL. It should be pretty interesting and I'm looking forward to it, although I'm not looking forward to getting up so early on Fridays. Aw well, dems the breaks. Friday afternoon I went ahead and voted early and got that out of the way. Just so you know, it was a little bit crowded when I went in the middle of the day on a Friday. Imagine what the lines are going to be like on election day! So I encourage you, if you can, VOTE EARLY!!! Friday night I spent the night with the fam in Stockbridge. That was fun.

Today I went to a cookout with Jon and then went to GroupLink. I'm super excited because I found a new group! So far we only have 4 members, but we will probably add more as the weeks/months go by. So far I'm the only single person in the group I think. For me that's a good thing. I intentionally wanted to get into a LadiesLink group as opposed to a Singles group so that I could get a different perspective from some married women. I'm hoping that maybe they can help me deal with my issues with marriage.

I came home and watched the movie ATL. You know? I actually thought the flick was pretty good. T.I. did a pretty good job acting-wise. Good story. I liked the fact that nobody died in  the end (hopefully that wasn't a spoiler for anybody).

Anywho, in the words of Ice Cube, "I gotta say it was a good day…" Speaking of Ice Cube, did anybody watch VH-1's Top 100 Hip-Hop Songs special? That really took me back!! Do you agree with the #1 pick? Looking forward to watching Hip Hop Honors on Monday, but after I Wanna Work for Diddy for the exciting finale!! I want Mike Barber to win. How about you? You probably could care less…





One response

5 10 2008

Oh Po, say it ain’t so.. Sorry I couldn’t resist. I know Poprah was a bit obnoxious, but I will miss her.. Yes, I want Mike to win but had it come down to Mike and Poprah I don’t know who I’d be pulling for.. I was really waiting for her to show her stuff not her……@%&!!

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