Dream Analysis–PLEASE!!

21 10 2008

I just had one of the WORST nights of sleep EVER!! I went to bed at 1:30 am, then woke up at like 3:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. I finally got myself back to sleep at 4:30 am but then I woke up again around 5:30-6 am. I went back to sleep around 6:30 am and now I'm up again. Each time I woke up it was because of some dream that made me very sad and woke me up to a point where I couldn't go back to sleep.

The first dream I had was that Jon got shot. And he wouldn't go to the hospital. He just kept saying "I'll be alright." But he was bleeding so I started crying. That woke me up. Then another time my car got lost. I wasn't sure if it was stolen or just disappeared into thin air. But there were tons of PT Cruisers around but none of them were mine. So then I started crying out of frustration. Then all of a sudden I was on some kind of road trip on a bus and my Uncle Charlie was sort of the leader of the group. We kept making all these pit stops to eat and he started getting aggrevated. Well, the last stop was at one of my relatives house. We stopped there and Big Mama (my grandmother who passed away like 5 years ago) was there. I went upstairs to go talk to her and then my uncle came upstairs and kept hounding me saying that we needed to go. I kept saying that I wasn't done talking to Big Mama and he started kinda yelling at me that he didn't care and that we needed to go. So I started crying because I really wanted to talk to Big Mama. That woke me up.

Then, remember James T. Harris? You know that black guy they've been showing on TV at a recent McCain rally who was talking about "I'm begging you Mr. McCain to hit Obama where it hurts." Yeah, that guy. Well he was in my dream and he was some kind of pastor but he kept preaching false doctrine and taking words from the Bible and distorting them and taking them waaaaayyyy out of context in order to get people to do what he wanted. So I challenged him on a couple of the scriptures and we got into an insane yelling match. After it was over I started crying. I came outside of the church and I was looking for Jon but he had turned into some other guy named Solomon who was kind of a jerk and I didn't want to talk to him. Jon and I were supposed to hang out that night and I really wanted to talk to him because I was so stressed but since we was Solomon and not Jon, I decided to leave. So for some reason (maybe because my car was gone) I got on a bike and rode away. I called back to the church to try and find Jon but the church secretary didn't know where he was and didn't want to get up to find him. So I was riding through the streets of Plainfield, NJ on a bike, crying. And that woke me up. So here I am.

What does any of this mean??? Does anybody know dream analysis??? Each one of these dreams stressed me out and I could feel the stress all up in my neck. This has happened to me before where I dreamed something stressful and I woke up with my neck hurting which makes me think maybe all my neck problems are slightly related to my dreams? I don't know. All I know is I had a very disturbing sleep last night. I mean, I've had bad dreams before, and they might wake me up but usually I go right back to sleep and have good dreams. I've never had so many bad dreams back to back. And it's not even like they were scary dreams, they just stressed me out, especially with all the crying. Does anyone have any insight?




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21 10 2008

Unfortunately, I don’t have any insights, but you are the third person (myself included) to have had mentioned having disturbed sleep and bad dreams last night!

21 10 2008

That is so crazy! Like 3 people emailed me this morning and said they had problems sleeping too! What in the world??

22 10 2008

WOW! I was stressed just reading your dreams. I can imagine how you felt actually having them.. Did you actually talk to Big Mama or were you just getting ready to do so when Uncle Charlie busted things up?? Did she speak? (you know what I mean…the way she spoke to you or was it actual words.) For those that don’t know Big Mama had a strok when Avril was very young, but she and Avril had a special bond and could communicate amongst themselves.. So much that Avril was always in her room just giggling away. R.I.P….Annie Butler aka “Big Mama”!!!

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