Random Thoughts About Babies

3 11 2008

So I just got word that my good friend and co-worker had her baby. Wow. I wonder what it's like to deliver a baby. For 9 lbs and 21 inches of a live human being to actually come out–down there. That sounds very painful. I go back and forth on the whole motherhood thing. At times I actually look forward to having kids. Kids are adorable. So innocent and pure. And they say and do the darndest things. Yesterday was my niece Zharya's birthday and first thing in the morning I think she had already had a spanking. When my mom asked her what did she do to get in trouble, her response was "Well, I can't make up my bed EVERYday!!" Too cute. And you get to teach them things. When I was younger I always looked forward to telling my kids the best way I could about God. I remember one time when my mom pulled me aside and explained communion to me, and how we should take it seriously and how you shouldn't just eat it like it's any other meal. I don't know why but even as a kid that talk really stuck with me. And ever since that day I've always looked forward to teaching my kids about communion. Weird, I know.

But then I always come back to the pain. And the crying. And the lack of sleep. Jon and I were in the park yesterday and I watched as a family (a couple and their daughter) ran together in the grass. While I thought it was a lovely sight, after awhile I thought to myself "Whoo! I'd be too tired to be running after that chile for that long." I wonder if I have the stamina to have children. I'm sure my mind will change once I do get married and if I were to actually get pregnant. But that's all I can think about now in my little 'ole single woman mind.

In the meantime I'm happy for all my friends who are having babies right now. I'll just continue being an auntie for now and enjoy that while I can…




One response

5 11 2008

Stamina, whew!! Yes, you need it…trust me I know!! But the sacrifice is so well worth… I say that now because Chase is sleeping….(SMILE).
But I too was where you are.Once you do it just all changes and you get the strength from the good Lord up above!! Trust me you will be calling on Him often anyway!!!!(smile)

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