5 11 2008

Well, it's official. Barack Obama is the new President-Elect of the United States. Tonight is a historical moment for sooooo many reasons. The most obvious being that about 50 years ago, African Americans were fighting to maintain their rights as citizens to vote and to live peacably in this country. To go from that to the White House is a huge step toward the reality of the American dream for ALL people. But tonight also demonstrated the power of grassroots organization or "community organizing" as they call it. Tonight also proved to the world that the voices of African Americans, Latinos, women and young people DO matter in this country. Hopefully this election will be a wake up call that EVERY vote does count–not just the "religious right" vote and not just those of a certain economic bracket.

So I am very excited right now but I am also a little pissed that people are still making ignorant comments about Obama and that even though the race is closed people are still so divided. At this point, we really need to come together, people. I think McCain gave a great concession speech. Very gracious and humble. Why can't people follow his lead, move on, and stand behind our new president and our country? Talk about Country First…

Well, either way, history was made. Shaun King of Shaun in the City posted a great blog about the historic significance of Obama's presidency. You can read it here. I think he sums up best what this election means to someone like me. Please pray for President Obama and for his family. And pray for this country.




One response

6 11 2008

good points. i am a mccain supported but agree we should move on and get rid of this division. i am praying for the Obama family and cabinet and that God will remain in control. I am proud of both candidates for wanting this job. its going to be a difficult 4 years regardless of who won..
But wow, we witnessed history and that my friend, is way cool

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