Post-Election Thoughts

9 11 2008

Obama election night
I know it's been 4 days but I'm still in awe over Tuesday night. When I see certain pictures of President-Elect Obama I get chills and the tears well up. When I see pictures of his girls I feel an even greater sense of pride because I feel like those little girls remind me of me when I was younger. When I see those girls I see my niece Zharya and every other little black girl with press and curls and cornrows. Wow. When I saw him hold his first press conference yesterday a couple of times I felt like I should pinch myself to see if this was really for real. I'm glued to the TV everyday because I want to know his every move. I'm not so concerned about what kind of puppies he's going to get, but I do want to know who's

Obama election night 3
going to be in his cabinet. And I'm anxious 
to see what kind of moves he makes during this transition period and which policies he plans to implement when he first gets into office. He seems to be very smart, but I'm still very cautious. Times are really tough right now, and everybody is putting a lot of expectations on this one man to be the answer. I haven't bought into the hype that he's the Messiah, but I just pray that he doesn't disappoint. Either way, I feel so privileged to be alive during a time when history was made.

Obama election night 5It's so interesting, when I was in college and became an African American studies major, I went through a period where I was very vocal about certain issues. Especially issues that had to do with women or blacks in the media. These were issues that I felt very passionate about and I didn't have a problem getting into heated debate over whether or not the 
latest McDonald's commercial was racist because they had black people dancing in it. I remember attending a small protest on my school lawn because they were getting ready to take away our minority scholarships. I remember working for our black campus newspaper and feeling like I was a part of an organization that was contributing to the thoughts of young black students. I remember attending the Million Man March with a group of my friends. And even though I have to admit that a part of us selfishly went so that we could see some men'ses, I do remember that by the time we left we felt like we were a part of history. 

Sometimes I feel like when I became a Christian that that part of me disappeared. I guess I felt that in God's kingdom there was no room for black consciousness. But now I'm starting to see that I don't have to leave my intelligence and my pride at the door for the sake of my faith. I can love God and still celebrate who I am. But with that I sometimes feel like I've lost that urgency and awareness that I had during my college days.

Obama election night 4
One thing I regret about that election night is that I didn't do anything special on election night. There were people gathered down at the King Center that night and I wish I was there. If this were 14 or 15 years ago (ouch, was I REALLY in college 15 years ago?? :-(…) I so would have been there. As I sat and watched Obama's victory speech, I thought about the Civil Rights Movement, specifically the March on Washington. My parents didn't go to the historic march. I'm not sure why they didn't go, but as I sat watching CNN the other night I thought how awesome it must've been for those people at Ebenezer Baptist Church and at the King Center to tell their kids and their grandkids for generations to come that they were there. I missed that opportunity, so I think I'm going to try to do my best to make it to inauguration. It's the least I can do in marking such a historic moment of my history and America's history….

Other post-election thoughts…

  • the results came in pretty quick. I really didn't expect to know who the next president was until the next morning because I thought it would be so close. Well surprise, surprise! Way to go USA!
  • I'm also blown away by the enthusiasm of people around the world. I'm not sure why they're so excited, he's not their president? I guess the historic moment is not lost even on foreigners. But that's pretty cool.
  • I think I said it before but McCain gave a really cool concession speech. He's a cool guy.
  • I think it sucks how the Republician party is really throwing Sarah Palin under the bus now. I wasn't a big fan of hers since her RNC speech. But just a week ago, Republicans were hailing the Alaska governor and telling the world how wonderful she was and how prepared she was to take office. Now all of a sudden she supposedly doesn't know that Africa is a continent, according to her own party? The same party that still backed her up when she said she could see Russia from her backyard? Sheesh! I don't think that's very fair to her. On the same token I don't think it says very much of her to be calling debate preppers "jerks" in all the national media. Aw well, so much for party loyalty. 
  • It touches me to see that so many young people turned out to vote. I was watching the news one night and they were showing some students from Georgia State who walked from campus up to the state capitol. Black students and white students alike, they were soooo excited. When I see them so excited it makes me feel like in another sense this is their president. How exciting. 
  • I still get a little nervous about his safety. Please keep praying for the president and his family, even if you didn't vote for him. As Christians, we always teach that we should pray for our leaders. I prayed for Bush even though I didn't vote for him and didn't agree with most of his policies because that was still my president, so let's continue the tradition of prayer…
  • Also, when is D.L. Hughley Breaks the News gonna get cancelled??? That show SUCKS!!!
  • Is it just me or is President Bush looking REEEEAAALLLL happy these days? When he gave his speech acknowledging Obama's win, he just looked real light-hearted, like he's counting down the days til he's up outta there. I often feel kinda sorry for the guy. It's gotta be tough to be the president, especially when everybody seems to be blaming you for everything. I mean how would
    you feel if everytime you turned on the TV or radio there was somebody Bill Clinton2
    calling you an idiot or incompetent? I remember looking at Clinton during hisBill Clinton1 2nd term inauguration and thinking "Wow, he's aged a lot in the last four years." I think the same thing has happened to Bush as well. Something happens to men when they become president. They turn kinda raggedy looking. Presidency brings on lots and lots more gray hair and wrinkles in a very short period of time. Not that gray hair and wrinkles make a person look raggedy but they just like worn and tired. I guess being the leader of the free world will do that to you. It'll be interesting to see what Obama looks like in 4 years.

One thing I can say about the Obama camp is that they were (and still are) very hip to the pulse of young America and to the power of the internet and social networking. So much so that they even have a Flickr photo album of Obama and his family on election night. So if you want to see more of the behind-the-scenes pictures like I have posted here, go to Flickr and you can see the Obamas as they await the election results.

Ok, that's it for now. I have to go get a grip on the fact that I was in college 15 years ago. Geez, I'm getting old……




2 responses

10 11 2008

Well said, my sista!! I too feel the energy and all I say is keep praying!! The pics are the best.. I really feel connected to them..little girls (loving their daddy!!) Awesome!!!

16 11 2008

Wow, I’m just now seeing this post and am so moved by it! I can’t wait to get back into the U.S. and I’m really excited for the Inauguration. I’ll be too broke to go up there, but I’ll be glued to the TV. That was one thing I was upset about, too, not being part of any larger group as it was happening. The King Center would’ve been perfect!
Everyone up here in Canada was rooting for Obama. Some of these people know more about U.S. politics than I do! And I really consider myself someone who pays attention. The world really is led by the U.S. right now. I don’t think this will always be the case, but the entire world really does have a huge stake in who wins our elections. Who will we support? Who will receive aid? Who’s in danger of being attacked? It all hinges on who’s in the White House.
Growing up when I was taught that the U.S. was the best/strongest/greatest country, I always assumed every kid in every country was being told that about where they lived. But they were all looking to us. Sadly we have horrifically dropped the ball over the past several decades (not just the last 8 years), and other nations are rising. But hopefully President Obama works with those rising nations to create more of a global coalition. It’s a little scary, but it’s also really exciting. Whatever’s about to happen has never happened before. Here’s hoping it works!

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