Random Thoughts on a VERY EARLY Sunday Morning

23 11 2008

Yeeeppp, it's been one of those weeks. A week that's been super busy so I've had no time to blog. Editing, rendering, editing, more rendering–you guessed it–Faithfully Divided. I know I've said this many times before but I think we're actually almost done with this.

Don't you hate it when you have to get up early in the morning and then you accidentally set your alarm clock for earlier than you need to so you're just up because it's too late to go back to bed 'cause you might oversleep plus it's not really enough time to get a good sleep in anyway? (Wow, talk about a run-on sentence). I have to be to Buckhead Church at 6:30 am and for some reason I set my alarm clock for 4:30 am. I came online to get the gatecode for the parking garage and thought I"d quickly check my email while I'm on here. I just realized about 5 minutes ago that I am up way too early. I don't have to leave until 6 and it only takes me about 30 minutes to get ready (if that). So yeah, if I go back to bed I'm afraid I"ll oversleep. So here I sit. Blogging. And catching up on all the blogs I failed to read this week.

This week is Thanksgiving. Wow, it's almost the end of 2008. Can you believe it? This year has gone by so fast. I have officially known Jon for one year now. Dec. 15 will be our one year anniversary. I know some people were wondering if I'd last this long (lol) but we're still going strong. We have our ups and downs but we still love each other. It's a great feeling.

Only 3 weeks left until winter break. Yipeee!!! I CANNOT wait! This has been one of those semesters where I haven't been completely motivated. I have 2 classes that are good and keep me excited but this one Edit 3 class–they are just the most unmotivated group I have ever had in an Edit 3 class. And it makes me unexcited and unmotivated and it makes it hard to show up and teach every Monday and Wednesday. I just have a very low tolerance for people who don't come to class, who don't take notes, fall asleep in class, and then ask you two weeks later how to do things that you explained weeks ago. I'm a course instructor, not a private tutor. You need to be paying me a little bit more money for that. On the other hand, I do have a Producing & Directing class that is good and my Pre-Production class is good too. Since I don't really like teaching Pre-Production it's always good to feel like you have a good class. When I have classes like that it makes me motivated to try and do things for them, like we'll be taking a tour of Turner Studios next week. But when people don't do their work, I'm like screw tours…But anyway, I'm venting…

It's almost time for me to get in the shower. But before I go, I saw this on Ragamuffin Soul and wanted to share it with you guys. What he's saying is soooo true with our culture today. I think we've all forgotten we're we came from…




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