Back to the Grind…(Earlier Than I Thought)

5 01 2009

So I just realized that my first class starts today, as in 11 hours from now. Not Tuesday like I thought. So much for having Mondays off this quarter. Aw well, at least I had already prepared my syllabus for that class so I'm not freaking out too much.

Today was a good day. I did a little shopping at one of my favorite stores, Plato's Closet and founds lots of cool tops that I can wear to work. I love that place because you can get fashionable stuff for dirt cheap. I left there and went grocery shopping, which is always fun to me.

Church was a little different today. Andy was there live. Everytime he shows up live I still find myself looking at the video screens. Habit, I guess. He started a series about personal finances today called "Balanced." It was cool because these days whenever I hear that someone is preaching about personal finances I usually want to turn the other way. Not because it's not valuable information. It's just that for a person who has been going to church all your life, those types of sermons are usually very predictable. You know there's going to be talks about tithing, about giving to those in need, and you know eventually it's going to lead to giving money to the church. But today's sermon was a little different. He focused on how to have balance in your finances, stating the  importance of knowing where your money is going. It was a good start to a 6-part series and I don't think I'm doing it much justice since I'm starting to drift off to sleep right now…

Only time will tell. It's been real!




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