My Horror Film With No Blood — b.k.a. Revolutionary Road

13 01 2009

Wow, what a night. Angela and I took in two movies back to back — Slumdog Millionnaire and Revolutionary Road. Two films I’ve been wanting to see for awhile, and two films that surprised me quite a bit. Slumdog was surprisingly funny at times (times such as, say, a little boy jumping into a pool of poop), but it also had it’s share of sad and heart-stopping moments. It’s definitely a must-see, and I think it deserved all the awards it won last night at the Golden Globes.

But the movie that shook me the most was Revolutionary Road. I’m not really sure what I can say about the film that won’t give it all away but I will tell you that every scene in the trailer takes place in about the first 10-20 minutes of the film, which was surprising and left me guessing where the film was going to go next.

It was only a matter of time before I realized that Revolutionary Road for me was like a horror film without blood. The film hit on every one of my fears about marriage, about having kids, and about life in general. It made me sad and it made me scared to death. There were parts of the film where I literally could not catch my breath and my stomach started to churn. So many times it felt like I could be April Wheeler either now or in the future, and that was scary. It didn’t help that her name was so close to mine. It’s like everytime someone in the film called her name, it’s like they were talking to me…calling my name out…

This whole idea of the “American dream” scares me. Where did it come from? We’ve all bought into it in some way, shape or form. But what really bites is that anytime someone dreams about something other than the wife/husband, kids, house, car, and corporate job, then that person is considered crazy or abnormal or immature.

Deep down inside the idea of marriage still scares me. Well, I take that back. It’s more the idea of being in an unhappy marriage is what scares me. Or worse yet, being in a marriage where I cannot connect with my mate or where we don’t share the same goals. I guess that’s why it’s sooooo important to look for partnership, companionship and friendship in a mate. Not just a pretty face so you can check off marriage on your list of must-haves for life.

I don’t really dream all that often about having kids, although from time to time I do dream about adopting some. I don’t dream of living in a big house in the suburbs. I’m happy with my apartment in the city, and my ultimate dream would be to have a big loft overlooking a bustling city. I hate corporate America, I hate working 9-5 which is why I am thankful for the job that I have.

For people that do have those dreams and are genuinely happy doing those things, I think it’s great. But what about those of us who dream about something else? There are some of us who want to live a different kind of life. I don’t know…Have you ever had a dream that you wanted so bad that you were willing to die for it? I don’t even know if I have that kind of passion for a dream…but I do know that I don’t want to live an ordinary life. I want to be free to do the things that make me happy. I want to be free to be the person God made me to be.

Go see Revolutionary Road. But I’m warning you. It will wreck you in some kind of way.




2 responses

25 01 2009

right there with ya…it was definitely disturbing. you couldn’t have worded things better. i felt almost the exact same way….

2 10 2009

Ok so I just watched this and I remembered this blog you wrote. What an astonishing film. The acting and direction are outstanding. The pace just keeps building and building and building. You know something bad is about to happen but you don’t know what. The argument scenes are so well done. I love how the insane guy is the only one in the film who gets the truth, he understands. Then when they’ve bought back into the lie he calls them out on it in an unforgettable scene.
I watched it remembering you called this a horror movie. For me it’s a tragic love story. Another thing that was so huge was how morally and spiritually bankrupt all the characters were. There is not an ounce of faith anywhere. That’s why they all break down. No one has anywhere to turn, except for tragic decisions and alcohol.
I’ve been looking forward to watching this film for a long time and it totally and completely delivered.

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