The Kind of Change We Need to Believe In

21 01 2009

Obama Inauguration pic
Well, today is the day it has finally come to pass. America, we have a new president. Like the rest of America, I was glued to my TV set watching this historic event. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about the fact that back in the day this man would have been considered 3/5 HUMAN!! And to now be President of the United States…it's quite a moment. No matter how you voted, you can't negate the significance of this moment. I couldn't help but feel a little bad for Bush, though. It must suck to be so hated in the eyes of the public. I mean wow, 8 years. Over. Just. Like. That.

I do pray that we as Americans realize that as significant as this moment is, as intelligent and moving as our new President may be, it is very dangerous to place all of our hopes and dreams on this one man. He is a man. He is bound to make some mistakes. Some of his policies may work. Some may not. But even if he turns out to be the BEST president we've ever had, that still doesn't change what YOU can do for YOURSELF. Barack Obama can't get us out of debt, he can't get an education for us. He can't fix our relationships. He can't make young men pull their pants up. Obama says it all the time but change starts with US. Let's not get so caught up in his rock-star status that the media has created that we fail to HEAR what he is saying. He has some really good ideas about what America could and should be but we all have to do our part.

Hopefully, this major event in history will make us have faith again that change for our nation and change for ourselves, is possible, it is necessary, and it is good. But it starts with US.




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21 01 2009

Here! Here!

21 01 2009

Well said, my sista!!

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