Will V-Day Be a Happy Day For Me?

14 02 2009

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 Here I am 13 minutes before what many single people consider to be the most depressing day of the year. The big V.

Well, I'm not gonna let that be me.

Although I hadn't expected to be single this Valentine's Day, I'm not going to let this day make me forget that I am still loved. I decided to come down to Stockbridge and spend a couple days with the fam. I'm really glad I did. There's nothing like a good hug and talk from moms when you're going through a breakup to help you feel better.

I love my moms. She's such a strong woman and very wise. I think one of the things that I appreciate the most about my mom is that I've always known her to be a woman of faith but she's not spooky about it. She's very practical. Tonight she shared some of her dating/relationship stories from her past and it was really good to hear about her experiences. But talking with her just reminded me and encouraged me to always follow my heart, even when it doesn't necessarily seem favorable to the head.

Even though I have my moments, I'm feeling good. I'm staying busy. I'm laughing. I'm amazed at how quickly my social calendar has filled back up since the break up. And it feels so good that so many of my friends have shown their love and support since hearing the news.  When you're surrounded by good people you can get through tough situations.

The cool thing is that throughout the day today I've been getting reminders that Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. It' s also a time to just be with the people you love. That sounds like a great Valentine's Day to me.

Well it is now 12:13 am on Saturday, February 14 and I'm nodding off. Think I'll be going to sleep now. Then, spend the day with the fam, hang out tonight with the girls. It's gonna be a good day…




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