28 02 2009

Sigh. I had such great plans for some great posts this week. But as usual, time got the best of me and they just never materialized. So here's a smorgasbord of some of my thoughts from this past week.

  • I've been trying to let it go but my drives to and fro are becoming more and more lonely. I am really pissed that they switched all the radio stations around and have removed all Black Talk Radio from the airwaves. Apparently, now that we have a black president black folks no longer need to be informed about anything. All of our problems have been solved and there's no such thing as injustice so we have no need to talk about it. Warren Ballentine and Al Sharpton had become two of my favorite radio shows on 102.5 because they would talk about real issues affecting the black community. Now that they've been yanked off the air, I don't really have much to listen to on the radio anymore. What pisses me off even more is that they took off two shows that made people politically and socially conscious (I know there's debate about whether these shows were actually good or not, but hey, at least they made an attempt at making people aware…), but yet they left Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden on the air!! Now Steve Harvey, he's a great pick-me-up during the morning rush-hour slump. I love to listen to his show on Fridays while I'm on my way to Alpharetta for my BTCL class. And I'll admit that every now and then I do tune in to Michael Baisden to see what kind of trifling-ness he's talking about today. But the fact that these two shows are the only two options on this radio station now is appalling. 102.5 used to be my favorite station because they had the perfect line-up. Laugh with Steve Harvey, then think with Warren Ballentine and Al Sharpton, then cut up with Michael Baisden. But it's like now that intelligent talk has been removed, I'm left with nothing but buffoonery. That SUCKS. Maybe I need to start surfing the AM dial to try and find some other good talk radio replacements…
  • Things are going better in dealing with the breakup. I'm indifferent these days.
  • I'm up here watching the Young Conservatives Political Action Conference on C-Span. This kid Jonathan Krohn is on here talking about ideas from his book, "Defining Conservatism". He looks like he is no more than 12 years old. He can hardly reach the microphone at the podium.  But he just got a standing ovation from the crowd. Maybe he needs to be the next Republican candidate for president. I gotta admit, his speech was pretty electric. I'd listen to what he has to say. Even at 12 years old, he even looked "presidential", which seemed to be why a lot of people voted for Obama, so who knows, maybe he has a shot.
  • I just had tea with Tony Marchetti. I spoke about him before in this post. We had another very insightful talk. I shared with him what I talked about in my post from last week about hearing from God. He had some very interesting insight about how if you look at people in the Bible, many of them did in fact hear from God, but the journey toward reaching that promise didn't look at all like they thought it would look. It was very insightful. I"ll have to share more about this later because I'm just realizing that I'm running out of time…
  • Still watching this Young Conservatives Conference. It's funny, looking at all these kids (most of them college kids) get up to speak, I wonder how come they aren't at the forefront of the GOP? When I watched the RNC, those people didn't look anything like the people on here. If they're trying to revamp their image, I think they should start with these students.
  • I'm on my way to church with Angela. We're going to a Saturday evening service at Fellowship Bible Church. I'm excited. If I don't get off this computer now I'll be late. Hopefully I'll be able to update you about it later….
  • Toodles!



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