Checking In

16 03 2009

Ola Convergence readers! I know I've been pretty quiet the past week or so but it's been CRAZY busy lately–way too much going on right now. Just finished my last week of classes for Quarter 1. Thank GOD! I spent last week trying grading papers, tests, and student projects and I'm finally done with that. Work is still stressing me out a bit but not as much as it was in previous weeks. I still miss Jon. Hey what can I say? Aw well, we'll see what happens with that…Money is funny…and I feel like I've lost my creative juices…..

All that to say, It's Time. Time for what? For a VACATION!!! I'll be going to NYC for a few days to hopefully get myself back into the creative groove. I miss that NY energy and I need it back! I'll be leaving tomorrow and I am really looking forward to not only having a good time but also using some of that away time to reflect and do some vision-casting for my life.

I'll try to keep you all posted over the next few days on my escapades in NY, but for those of you who know NY, it might be tough!

So peace out for now!




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