Day 2 in NYC – Part 2

19 03 2009

Yes, I know I just put up a post but I wanted to share some of the musings I had today while I was hanging out at Starbucks. Starbucks is starting to become a guilty pleasure for me. As much as I love my soy green tea lattes, I realize that there's something very narcissistic about paying exorbitant prices for a cup of tea with specialized milk as if it were some rare delicacy. Nevertheless, I succomb to the addiction just like many other Americans. That being said…

Here and There

As I sit here in Starbucks on Lexington and 78th at the counter facing the window I see a homeless woman walk by. Her hair is undone, her clothes are baggy and dirty. She has some kind of torn cloth or something stuck to the bottom of her shoes that flops around with every step she takes. I wonder what those clothes actually looked like in their better days. I wonder what's her name, what's her story. I notice she has a limp. I wonder if she's hurt, I wonder if she's tired. I wonder if she's crazy, if she's lonely, if she's hungry…I wonder, I wonder, I wonder…

There's an irony in knowing that she's there and we're here. And most of us in here don't even pay attention to the fact that she's there. We always ask ourselves What Would Jesus Do. Well, what would Jesus do if he were here? Would he care about her out there? He'd probably care about her more than he cares about us. I know in the grand scheme of things he loves us all the same. But we seem to have some things together. Because we're here. And she's there. We're drinking soy lattes when she probably has no water.

We're very full of ourselves, Americans we are. "Saints" included. We actually have to audacity to complain that our houses aren't big enough. Our cars aren't fast enough. Our hair isn't long enough. Our clothes aren't fashionable enough. When some people have no WATER. When do we ever have enough? When is enough, enough???…




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