6 04 2009

I know I've been pretty quiet again last week. What can I say, a girl's been busy. Between work, my editing class, and these new projects I'm working on (I will tell you all about those in another post), I've been pretty swamped. The other reason I haven't written in awhile is that a lot of times I have really profound things to say that I want to blog about, but by the time I get home or get near a computer, the words are just too convoluded in order to me to express clearly. So I wait. And wait. Hoping it will become clear enough to write. And then by that time either the issue is no longer relevant or I no longer have the desire to write.


I got a call from my mom early this morning that my grandfather passed away. My mom said his body just shut down. He was 97 years old. What a blessing! I love my grandfather and I will miss him. But I am glad that he is able to enter into his final rest. He lived a good, full life and he deserves some rest for his body and his soul.

I went to go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button over the weekend. One of the many things that I loved about that movie was the message that we should enjoy life and enjoy the people that are in our lives because they won't be here forever. That and the inevitability of the life cycle. Although Grandaddy lived in another state and we didn't get a chance to see each other all that often, I'm so glad that I do have some memories of him. Not everybody has that privilege.

My mom said that everybody keeps saying that my grandfather was such a good man. I believe them because that's what I've always known him to be. A family man, a God-fearing man, a noble man, a hard-working man. It's these things that have always made me proud to be John Speaks' granddaughter, and so I celebrate his life.

I haven't gotten official word yet but I believe the funeral services will be held sometime this weekend. Please keep my family in your prayers.




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