21 05 2009

I'm just tired, ya'll.

– I'm tired of the people upstairs making so much noise.
– I'm tired of never having enough money to do the things I really want to do.
– I'm tired of feeling like my work is not good enough.
– I'm tired of all the uncertainty on my current job.
– I'm tired of trying to figure out how much longer I even want to stay at my current job.
– I'm tired of people complaining all the time.
– I'm tired of waiting for things to jump off with my film "Something Worth Waiting For."
– I'm tired of working for other people.
– I'm tired of being single.
– I'm tired of not having a church to go to when I want to hear some good gospel music.
– I'm tired of my own excuses.
– I'm just tired of it all…

Sometimes I wish I had it in me to be a bitchy person. You know, that person who says what's on their mind and doesn't care what people think? I wish I could be that woman. But my momma taught me better than that. She taught me to respect others and to be kind. And I think my dad taught me how to be logical, rational, and level-headed–even in the midst of anger. And while all those things help me to be a productive citizen, they don't help me very much when it comes to getting things off my chest.




One response

25 05 2009

Amen , to all of that sis!! I think we need a vacation!

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