Weekend Recap!

29 06 2009

Well I had these intentions on doing a weekend recap but so much has happened just in the past few days that I don't know if I'll be able to get it all in!

For starters, I do want to mention that I go to one of the greatest churches in the world! Some of you may remember this post that I wrote about feeling disconnected from Buckhead Church. Well, apparently the staff at BC is at least attentive enough to read their members blogs from time to time. After writing that post I got an email from Annette Daly and Angie Weaver, the church's Production Coordinator, inviting me to lunch on Thursday. It was a wonderful time because they didn't condemn me for what I said in the post, but rather we tried to come up with solutions for the problem. As I said in my post, I wasn't trying to slam BC, it was just an issue that I've been going through. And nothing would make me happier than to just find a solution to that issue. At any rate, this is something that I've always appreciated about Buckhead Church. As large as they are, the staff takes time to do little things to show their volunteers that they are appreciated. Whether its birthday cards, thank you cards, even providing breakfast in the morning when we serve in the AM, and dinner when we serve in the PM, even though we don't volunteer to get praise from man, it's just nice to know that someone cares…

Thursday night was quite a shocker with learning on the passing of Michael Jackson. I'm still kind of in disbelief at times. But you know, none of us are going to live forever. Even Michael Jackson. I'll do more of a tribute to him in another post, I think the King of Pop at least deserves that.

The rest of the weekend was nice–Thursday was also Shari's birthday. I went down to Stockbridge and we all went to Longhorn. I spent the night down there and Friday we went to a waterpark in Decatur with the kids. Friday night was girls night and I brought Zharya here to the house to spend the night with me and Khalilah. We had a lot of fun! So much so that Khalilah and I actually missed her after she left!

Saturday night Shari and I went to see my girl Anita Baker in concert at Chastain. What an adventure!! Chastain is an outdoor theater and it RAINED that night.  But me and Shari sat right there to listen to the Lady of Soul and it was so worth it!! Ms. Baker sounded AMAZING, she looked AMAZING, and she has not changed one bit throughout the years. Her hair is still the same, her smile is still the same, her style is still the same, her voice is still the same, which just goes to show that she is a class act. Timeless. It was a great night.

Last night was church and Fusion, which was ok. Came home and watched the BET Awards, and what a hot mess! I came in on the last half of it but I thought they were going to do a tribute to Michael Jackson but what I saw was hardly a tribute to anyone. Watching the show really confirmed for me once again that I'm really getting old. I love hip hop but this stuff they're calling hip hop these days is just ridiculous. I just can't understand. This world is going downhill.

Well, we are still raising money for the movie "Something Worth Waiting For." Please do us a favor and make a donation today so that we can get this trailer made! The link is over on the right. God bless!




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