Back in the Saddle Again

4 11 2009

So I’m thinking it's time start blogging again. Not so
much because you need to know what’s going on in my life (although that’s nice)
but because I’m realizing how much blogging had become a respite for me. It had
become a place for me to “keep it real”, as they see, and deal with how I was
really feeling about some things. What was always cool about blogging was that
there were many times where I would write something and then struggle with
whether or not to post it for fear of offending someone or fear of people
thinking I was strange or stupid. But oddly, enough, whenever I went about and
posted it, it’d never fail that I would have people respond and tell me that
they could relate in some way.


That kind of help and support can be very therapeutic.
Especially for an introvert like me. It’s nice to know that other people share
your thoughts, your hopes, your fears. It’s nice to know that other people
don’t have solutions for things. And its nice to know that I have a place to
vent when I need it. It’s also just nice to flex my writing muscles on a more
consistent basis.


So I’m coming back, Convergence. For starters, I wanted to
let you know that starting this coming Saturday, I’ll be attending the Art
Within Lab in Seagrove, FL! Those of you who have been following Convergence
for awhile may remember that I applied to Art Within about a year ago and
didn’t get in and was pretty disappointed. Well, lo and behold I got an email a
couple of weeks ago from one of the organizers and he invited me to join them
for this years round. I was EXCITED to say the least!! So the next couple of
days I’ll be packing and preparing for my trip. I can’t wait to keep you all
posted on what happens once I get down there!


So stay tuned, Convergence! I’m baaaacccckkk!!!!






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