18 01 2010

I know.
I suck. It's been months since I've posted anything. This time I don't
have any excuses for you. And I'm not going to make any promises about
how I'm going to start blogging more. What can I say? A girl's been
busy. Between working two jobs, producing for Blueprint and the
realities of everyday Iife, it's been a long time since I've been able to relax, let alone to blog. So what's been going on?

I ended 2009 with two memorable events that meant alot to me and that I
still continue to reminisce about. One of them was Art Within, which I
already told you about. That was a life-changing experience for me, and
made me really evaluate what's important to me as an artist. That trip
is causing me to make some decisions about my career, which I will
share with you all later…

The other was that my family and I
went to Disney World for Christmas! It was AMAZING! We had so much fun,
I will never forget it. It was great being with the whole family and
experiencing the magic and the wonder of all things Disney. That place
is so magical. It makes you love being a kid again. But the trip was
also very exhausting. We did so much walking that I was no good when I
returned home. It was so bad that I ended up spending New Years Eve at
home on the couch watching Ryan Seacrest. But it's all good. I actually
had a good time. 

So now here I am in 2010 – ready to see what
it's going to bring. I'm looking for it to bring great things as far as
film is concerned. I hope to do Something Worth Waiting For, and I also
have another short script, "Class Picture," that I wrote while I was at
Art Within that I would like to shoot. Khalilah and I are planning our
very first overseas trip to Paris and London later on in the year so
I'm really looking forward to that.




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