New Beginnings…Kind Of…

8 07 2010

Well I was pretty sure that by now no one was reading this blog anymore since the last time I posted anything was in May. And the last time I posted anything of any value…hmm…But I just checked my stats and apparently more people viewed this page yesterday than they have in the past 3 months. Go figure…

So for those of you that don't know, I'm moving to DC. I got a job teaching in the film department at Howard University. So I guess I really need to start blogging again now so that I can keep everyone abreast of my adventures in a new city.

Technically, DC is not a new city for me. I went to undergrad at University of Maryland, while I took all my film classes at Howard University through the Maryland Consortium. So I guess you could say I'm going back home in a sense.

I'm very excited about the move, but also very nervous. I've really come to love Atlanta. This place has been a city of refuge for me. I moved down here with no job, no real sense of direction or sense of self. I just knew I needed to escape. I was mad at God, mad at the church, mad at people. Atlanta was a place where I could heal and begin to put the pieces of my faith back together again.

It'll be interesting going back to DC as a different person who has grown up since my college days. I'm looking forward to the journey…




2 responses

9 07 2010

You’ll be missed here. I had no clue you went through so much. Well sometimes God has to move you to a new place, level and adventure to show you He is a mighty God. I will never forget you. I wish you all the best in your career.
Your a wonderful teacher and person. May God bless your life beyond measure and may your films reach the people yearning to hear more from the Lord.
Your x-student.

11 07 2010

Thanks Tiffany! You were a great student. Please continue to stay in touch!

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