You Used to Do Whhaatt??!

12 07 2010

Every now and then at my old job I had to guard myself against "water cooler" talk. You know, when your co-workers get together and gossip or when they get together to talk about how much the job sucks. Unfortunately, I was never very good at disassociating myself from the latter and would join in the bashing session. But many times I've had to come home and repent and really thank God for my job because truth be told, it was better than most of my previous jobs…

As I've been cleaning out closets and drawers in preparation for this move, I've come across lots of old paycheck stubs, which reminded me of some of my old jobs. Before I moved to Atlanta I was a freelance videographer…a job I very much enjoyed, but sometimes it's hard to make ends meet when you're waiting and relying on individuals and small businesses to pay your bills. So I had many side hustles like interviewing local pastors and writing articles about their events for a local Christian newspaper…like being a merchandiser at Macy's (this job started at 5 am–oh, you know I quit that job after about a month)…at one point I was a courier and used to have to drive my car to New York every day to deliver packages since I was the only driver who didn't mind driving in the city…Before I left for ATL I was working as a newspaper delivery girl…that was tough driving through the cold Jersey winters with a broken car window tossing papers at 4 am…I used to run an ebay business for cash…I even had a brief stint at selling jewelry at flea markets…and I can't even count the number of crazy temp jobs I've had…

So I am THANKFUL for my new job at Howard and for my previous jobs at AIU and Kennesaw State. Sometimes you have to look back and remember how things used to be before you join in negative talk with co-workers and the people around you. Things could be a lot worse…




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