Stay Tuned…

21 09 2010

So I decided to just go ahead and redesign this blog. The black background just isn't working for me anymore. I also decided that I'm going to drop the "Young" part from my Convergence tag. After visiting a church on Sunday that deems itself "a place for young adults" to experience Christ, and those young adults being defined as 20-30 year olds, I realize that I am not as "young" as I'd sometimes like to believe I am…

Speaking of church…I've been attending this place called Restoration Church in the Chevy Chase/Friendship Heights area. I've been going back and forth about officially calling this place my home church, mainly because I still get kind of weary of some church's doctrines and I just want to get caught up in no mess…they're having an information meeting on Friday for those who are considering membership so I think I'll go and check it out…

I hate that I haven't been keeping you all in the loop about what's going on, now I feel like I'm jumping in the middle of my life and having to catch you all up to speed. Aw well…first things first. Let me get the new look up and running and hopefully that will respark the passion for me to get to writing again. Lord knows I need it…




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