A Series of Bad Decisions

23 09 2010

This has been a crazy week where some good things have happened and also lots of frustrating things have happened…not life threatening things, just consequences that stemmed from bad decisions…

It started on Sunday when I made a decision to go visit a different church instead of going to Restoration. It was really a dumb decision since I had really been looking to this past Sunday's message at RC on the topic "What Should We Do With Our Doubts?" The church I went to was cool but halfway through the service I just kept thinking "I should've gone to Restoration…"

My next bad decision also has to do with RC…I was supposed to go to small group on Tuesday night…Decided to go run an errand before group and then stop at home and grab a bite to eat…well, by the time I finished eating it was already 6:45 (group starts at 7 pm), it's about a 30 minute drive from my house so I already knew I was gonna be late, then I hit traffic on Wisconsin. I was driving along and suddenly realized that I had missed my turn on Mass Ave…next thing I knew I was in Georgetown. By this time it was already 7:40. Bad decision on my part to go home before group. I figured by the time I turned around and got to group it'd be 8:00 so I decided to just go on home…But then as I was driving home I just kept thinking "I should've gone to group…" Disappointed in myself once again for deciding not to go because they were going to be discussing the sermon on doubt…Seeing a pattern here? I guess there's my answer to finding a church that I connect with…I
still have some reservations about this church but I'll be going to the
informational meeting on Friday so we'll see what happens…

So Wednesday morning came and I made the bad decision of stepping outside of my office without my keys and…yep, I got locked out of my own office at work with no computer, no lunch, no papers, no pen–nothing. I did happen to have my phone in my pocket…Thank God for the iPhone, I was able to answer some emails and do a little bit of work on that…but of course after awhile the battery on that died. The locksmith didn't come until 4 pm and he had to drill the door open so I could get in. Terrible.

Some good things did happen this week…One being that I've been invited to speak on a blogtalk radio show next week discussing this article that many of you may have heard about concerning the idea that the black church is keeping black women single…The article has been getting a lot of buzz in the blogosphere and on radio stations. The author of the blog, Debra Cooper herself will be on the panel as well so it should be an interesting discussion…I'll keep you posted on the link once I get it…

Well, I better stop here before I make another bad decision about taking my time to get in the shower and being late for work. Ta Ta for now!




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