Best Day Ever!

23 10 2010

I gotta say, today was probably the best day I've had since I've been here in DC! Actually, so far it's been a great weekend altogether, which kicked off with my membership meeting with Nathan and Joey from Restoration Church. That's right, I decided to go ahead and join, and they (the pastors) usually hold membership "discussions" with everyone looking to join the church to get to know everyone and to answer any questions that we may have. So that went well, then after that I had a meeting with a locations manager who said she's going to help me find locations for my film–YEY!! Now that she's onboard that will help relieve a lot of stress for me in getting this film done…

Later that night, I hung out with some of my Restoration peeps–we went out to Georgetown for dinner and a movie. We saw the movie "Red" with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren. It was good, funny and light-hearted, which as you all know is not usually my type of fare, but it was nice to just hang out and fellowship with some new people. I hope we get to do that more often.

Then this morning a group of us from Restoration went to the DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk. I've often heard about the issue of modern day slavery. Actually, when I was in Atlanta I heard about it alot but today I actually got a chance to participate in an effort to act against it. We walked 3 mi around the Washington mall. I am very sore but it was worth it.

After the walk I jumped on the metro and headed over to Busboys and Poets for a meeting of the DC Sistagirls meetup. This was my first time attending the group, and it was so nice to be in the company of intelligent women my own age who were able to engage in really great conversation. We had a discussion about what we would tell our 13-year old self now that we're older. I know what I would tell myself – "They Don't Win!!" I wasn't the most popular person at 13, I was pretty awkward to tell the truth. But a lot of the people who were popular–well…let's just say that I'm very thankful for how my life ended up…And when I look back at my old pictures of myself, I can now say that I was a cute kid! So all those people who dissed me growing up actually lost out on having me as a friend…HA! Anywho, the discussion was great and so was the food!

After the meetup I jumped back on the metro and came home for a quick nap. Then I went to my friend Cheryl's film club. It's just like a book club, only we select a movie, watch it and then have a discussion about it. Tonight we watched "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." That movie was–Riveting! I loved it, although it was very sad. Don't go see that movie if you're looking for a Hollywood happy ending. After the movie we had a really good discussion about race.

All in all, I just loved the fact that I was able to have stimulating conversation with good people all day today. If I can have more days like this in DC, then I'm all in! Well, now I'm extremely tired and I need to go soak my weary bones. Good thing I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow. It'll be the perfect end to a great weekend!


*BTW: I'm sure this post would've been 10x better if I would've had pictures. I'm going to get my camera fixed soon so that I can go back to posting pics of all my adventures…Stay tuned!




2 responses

24 10 2010

I’m glad you had a great day, it was great taking the journey with you into this new experience! Keep us posted! (pun intended)

24 10 2010
shari hughes

Glad you had a wonderful day!! It makes me feel better, knowing that you are adjusting well. What happened to the IPhone pictures???
Hope you have a wonderful massage…Call me later!!

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