Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Night…

18 11 2010

Images So can I just tell you all how excited I am to be going home to Atlanta in just 5 days?! I just can't wait to see the city skyline, and of course to see my family and friends. And hopefully I'll get to go to at least one of my favorite restaurants while I'm there. I'm a little bummed that I won't be able to go to church while I'm there but aw well. At least I'll be there…

Speaking of church, I'll officially become a member of Restoration Church on Sunday. Woohoo! It feels good to really feel part of a church family again so praise God for that…

I'm also excited because I just got an email from the mother of one of my kid actors for my film "Class Picture." You may recall in my post Seeing God in Ugly Things me talking about the challenges I have with writing and making films that reflect the not-so-pretty things in life. In her email she said after reading my script she could identify deeply with the main character. She also said that she liked and appreciated the way that I dealt with the themes of bullying, revenge, forgiveness and faith in the script. I guess what blessed me about that the most was the fact that she was still able to see God in the piece even in the midst of the ugly. It's encouraging to know that He shines brighter than the darkness. I hope that once the film is finished more people will be able to relate to the film as well…I'm still having challenges finding locations for the film…praying that I'll be able to find some within the next couple of days…I'm keeping hope alive!

Only two more weeks and then I'll have finished my first semester at Howard University. It's been kind of rough. The days are creeping by. I want this semester to hurry up and end so I can focus my sights on next semester. I know I've said it before, Howard is cool but I really miss ATL. I'm being really prayerful about whether to stay here once my contract is up in May or to move back to Atlanta. I just don't know. Other than Restoration Church, I haven't really found anything here in DC that excites or inspires me. And I hate that I keep talking about it. I guess I just keep hoping that someone will hear me talking and will show me something worthwhile. 'Cuz I just don't see it. I met a girl at church last Sunday who's a DC native and she seems to think that it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I asked her to show me around so we'll see what happens…we shall see…





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18 11 2010

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